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Supporting Schools

Vantage is a mixed CE Multi-Academy Trust, which recognises and supports the individual ethos of non-faith schools; we are currently made up of six Church of England schools and four community schools.

We aim to ensure the rapid improvement of schools that need immediate support and nurture them into organisations that can maintain good and outstanding status. We also welcome currently good and outstanding providers to join our mission and find that, as we do, working to improve partner schools has a lasting impact within each school.

The Trust operates across a diverse geographical area in the North West of England, from mono-cultural areas to those with high levels of diversity, across three hubs in Knowsley, Bolton and Manchester. These local hubs bring the added benefit of specialist teachers and communal headship, as well as further support and accessible advice.

“I feel that, throughout, the Trust’s decisions are made to maximise opportunities for our pupils, whist also maintaining a focus on staff wellbeing and workload. Along with opportunities to develop professionally and a wide, strong support network, this has made Vantage Multi-Academy Trust an excellent employer, in my opinion.”

- Trust Staff Survey 2020

Key stats about our thriving school communities


We provide an accommodating and encouraging environment to all schools that share our vision and mission, across hubs in Knowsley, Manchester, Trafford, Salford and Bolton.


We value the contribution of our outstanding teachers, leaders, support staff and governors and empower all to achieve their potential, for the benefit of our pupils.


Confident and happy children with a love of learning, is what we are well known for. We are committed to providing each child with the tools they need to be successful, to start well and live well.

Incorporated in 2012

Vantage Multi-Academy Trust is a Private Limited by guarantee without Share Capital Company, registered in England and Wales, incorporated on the 4th October 2012. We are governed by a Board of Trustees, who are responsible for, and oversee, the management of the company.

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Partners in our mission

As the educational landscape is changing at an unprecedented pace, the Trust provides an accommodating and encouraging environment to all schools that share our share our vision and mission.

As a Trust, our role is to enable the sharing of best practice and for economies of scale to be achieved across the group of academies. Our mission is to support and encourage the work of academies in our Trust, through the excellent education of children and young people.

We are passionate about ensuring that every child gets the opportunities they deserve to thrive as learners and, ultimately, as global citizens. Our commitment to excellence in teaching and learning, in the curriculum, across our learning environments, and in the quality of staff we employ is all key to providing children with the very best start in, and preparation for, life.