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Vision & Values

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Values-Led Ethos

At Vantage Academy Trust, we are very proud of our theologically rooted  values-led ethos; we are a principled employer who lives by our core values, which you can see embodied by the staff across each of our schools. We welcome enquiries about joining our Trust, from those who are like-minded regarding our values and aspirations.

“It feels like part of a team working in Vantage, where everyone  is equally valued, this is what I like most about working here.”

- Trust Staff Survey 2020

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support and encourage the work of academies in our Trust through the excellent education of children and young people.

Our trust aspires to ensure that everyone, no matter of faith, receives the opportunity they deserve to flourish as learners and as global citizens. Our commitment to excellence in teaching and learning, in the curriculum provision, across our learning environments and in the quality of staff we employ, is all key to providing children and young people with the very best start and preparation for life.

‘Start off children on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it.’  Proverbs 22:6

A message from our Trust Patron, Sir John Jones

It is a great privilege to serve as Patron of Vantage Multi-Academy Trust. Having worked with its schools, I have experienced at close hand a passionate commitment to enhancing the life chances of every child. As a former Headteacher, I know only too well the daily challenges staff face.

Nevertheless, what I find are bastions of high expectation where young people thrive and succeed; cultures of trust and togetherness where schools are helping schools to achieve; warmth and positivity reflected in the faces of pupils who want to progress and know what it takes to do so; leaders who are relentless in the pursuit of excellence.

All are committed to going further than they thought, running faster than they hoped and reaching higher than they dreamed. It is an ambitious goal and I am proud to join them on their journey.

Sir John Jones

Trust Patron, Vantage Academy Trust

Vision and Values

Maintaining a strong culture of professional development amongst our teaching staff as the quality of education in our academies can never exceed the quality of its teachers.

Developing our academies to be centres of excellence with a focus on the social and spiritual nurture and achievement of all their members.

Allowing every person to be an active and valued member of our community and developed in their own spiritual journey.

Developing future and aspirational thinking based on our educational heritage and to make use of the latest research in pedagogy and child development, ensuring that our wider learning environment reflects the high aspirations and expectations we have for ourselves and one another.

Fostering, maintaining and celebrating individual distinctiveness in our schools.

Ensuring our academies have a particular vocation to the least advantaged, to enable them, through education, to change their lives.

Encouraging pupils to be curious about the world around us and see their personal learning and growth as a continuous journey.

Not setting a limit on what is possible for ourselves, for one another, and for our community of schools.