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Embracing limitless potential for ourselves, our schools, and our communities, while nurturing curiosity among our students, enables us to foster broader knowledge and well-being within our community.

At Vantage Academy Trust, our commitment to innovation drives us to continually seek opportunities to enhance the learning experience for our students, support their families, and improve our school facilities.

Since November 2020, Nick Settle, our dedicated Vantage Bid Writer, has played a pivotal role in securing over £100,000 in funding to benefit our school communities. Working closely with our School Improvement Partner, Charmain May, Nick has identified and pursued funding opportunities aligned with our schools’ improvement priorities.

Recent funding sources include:

  • Edina Trust: A Scottish-based trust focused on enriching science education in primary schools.
  • TESCO Community Grants: Through the ‘blue token‘ scheme, nine of our Trust schools have collectively received £7500 in funding, thanks to the support of our parents and local communities.
  • Greater Sport: Gorton Primary has benefited from a three-year funded project aimed at engaging parents and the local community through sports activities.
  • The Foyle Foundation: Providing grants for school libraries, with several of our Trust schools successfully receiving support for their library initiatives, including a recent £6,500 grant for Knowsley Lane.

By embracing boundless possibilities for ourselves, our schools, and our communities, and fostering curiosity among our learners, we create opportunities for broader knowledge and well-being within our community.

Funding has enabled a diverse range of projects across our Trust schools, spanning science, reading, sports, transportation, cooking, gardening, and music programs. These grants have facilitated the acquisition of essential resources such as reading materials, cycle shelters, gardening equipment, iPads, musical instruments, science equipment, and sporting gear.

Additionally, investments in community partnerships have facilitated health and well-being activities for our students and their families. Projects such as ‘Cracking Good Food‘ and the ‘Active Family‘ initiative at Gorton Primary have engaged numerous families, fostering skills, knowledge, and community connections beyond the school setting.

Impact assessments reveal that these sessions not only impart skills and knowledge but also promote family cohesion and individual development, igniting enthusiasm and interest beyond the classroom.

One standout success story is the Shine Project for Early Years, which has generated remarkable engagement across our schools. Early Years teams have enthusiastically delivered impactful sessions, empowering families to support their children’s learning at home. Parents have expressed appreciation for the valuable ideas and insights gained, while children have cherished the opportunity to share their learning experiences with their families.

Through initiatives like these, we continue to cultivate a vibrant learning community where every individual thrives and grows.

Selected Testimonials from Participants:

Child 1 from St. Paul’s, reflecting on gardening activities: “After our sessions, I felt a sense of peace in the garden, which made me happy. My favourite part was working with Scott and painting shapes for the fence.”

Child 2 from St. Paul’s, sharing their experience: “I felt joyful after our sessions because the garden was quiet and peaceful. I loved watching the plants grow and watering them was my favourite activity.