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Vantage Academy Trust provides an accommodating and encouraging environment to all schools that share our values and mission. We celebrate each school’s unique qualities and take a personal approach to expanding our family of schools.

We aim to ensure the rapid improvement of schools that need immediate support and nurture them into organisations that can maintain good and outstanding status. We also welcome currently good and outstanding providers to join our mission and find that, as we do, working to improve partner schools has a lasting impact within each school.

We are always mindful, as a dynamic Trust, of the importance of sustainable growth. The capacity and infrastructure provided by our robust central team ensures that the right expertise is in place across the Trust, to deliver the strongest educational impact. We prioritise getting value for public money, by consistently reviewing our methods, making sure that our organisational structures are efficient, effective and equitable.

“It feels very rewarding to be part of the Vantage Community. I am very happy at work and feel part of a team”

- Trust Staff Survey 2020

Thinking of becoming an academy, or part of a Multi-Academy Trust?

Being part of the Vantage family of schools provides logistical and financial security, whilst also gaining our academies new freedoms and autonomy.

Our schools are at the heart of their local communities and are part of a self-improving school system, where each offers their strengths up to the group, creating a cycle of reciprocal benefits. 

We are proud to place people at the heart of our mission.

We are a values-led organisation, always on happy to talk to other like-minded schools, with the same strong moral compass, about our strategy, leadership and specialist resources. Our vision is to enable the sharing of best practice and economies of scale across our group of academies, for the benefit of all our learners and staff.

We provide a thorough consultative process and due diligence to ensure a smooth on-boarding of all our new academies, who, from the outset, are given a role in shaping our collective vision.

Due to our capacity and infrastructure, our central team of experts are able to support schools with a full complement of services:

  • Financial procedures and improved access to resources, enabled by economies of scale.
  • Educational leadership from experienced directors of education, who provide direction and challenge, disseminating best practise and the latest research ideas across the Trust.
  • Estates and project management, with a team of site managers, resources and expertise.
  • HR team dedicated to supporting your employee journeys.
  • Communications and marketing expertise to develop your community footprint.
  • Ensuring a consistent supply of top quality graduates, through our School Direct programmes.
  • Providing tailored development and training through our Trust CPD package and encouraging progression along our career pathways.

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We love to collaborate! Get in touch if you’d like to work with us if you are thinking of becoming an academy or joining a trust; we’re here to help.

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